Count the occurrences of an item in a List or Array

So I came across a situation where I had a whole bunch of items in a collection, and I needed to know how many of each kind there were.  In other words, I needed to know the number of each unique element in an IList, Array, ArrayCollection, or what-have-you.  I looked for some help online, and fiddled around and got it working.  Then a few weeks later I had to do the same thing, and darn near forgot how I did this.  Here is the trick – SORT!

Sort the items in the array (alphabetically, numerically, chronologically, etc…) so that unique items are grouped together.  Then simply loop over the collection counting identical items, and when a new item occurs, make a note of how many you have of the first item, and start counting again.  Below is a quick example.  Click “Generate” to create a list of 50 items, where each item is going to be a fish, cat, dog or pony.  Then click “Count” to count the number of each one.  Also notice how the original list is now sorted so all the ‘dogs’ and ‘cats’ are together.

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Here’s the meat of the code:

sortedList = new Array();

//Sort Newlist Alphabetically

/*  Create an object to keep track of each unique item in the array. For example
*   { Name: 'cat'
*     Value: 7  }

var countObject:Object;

//Create a var to store the previously examined item in the list.
var previousItem:String;

//Loop over all the items in the newArray
for each ( var currentItem:String in newList )
//If the current item in the list is different from the previous item, then create a new countObject and start counting the new item.
if (previousItem == null || currentItem != previousItem)
//Create a new object
countObject = new Object();

//Set the name to the current item in the loop = currentItem;

//Count this item
countObject.value = 1;

//Put the object in the sorted list so we can see it later

//Done. Set the current item to the previous item.
previousItem = currentItem;
else  //Otherwise, we haven't switched to a new item yet, so keep counting the current item.
/*  Find the last countObject in the sortedList, then add 1 to the value of that object.
*   For example, if we have looped over 3 cat items in a row, and the current item is also cat, then:
*   { Name: cat, Value: 3 + 1 }

sortedList[sortedList.length - 1].value += 1;

and Full Source for the above example.


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