A simple example of the Javascript ‘Call’ function

I was asked about function.call() the other day during a discussion with a co-worker, and came up with this example off the top of my head.  There are many, many uses of call().  In addition to accepting an object as a parameter to replace the called function’s this, it also accepts an arbitrary number of arguments that will be passed into the called function.  Better examples can be found in the Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Reference.

// A constructor function for a Dog
var Dog = function(name){
this.name = name;

Dog.prototype.bark = function bark(){console.log(this.name + " barks!");};

// Fred is a Dog.
// Fred can bark, because all Dogs can bark.
var fredDog = new Dog("Fred");
fredDog.bark(); // => "Fred barks!"

// A constructor function for a Cat
var Cat = function(name){ this.name = name; };

// Bill is a Cat
var billCat = new Cat("Bill");

// Normally, Cats cannot bark,
// but Bill is an exception and has learned how to bark like Fred
fredDog.bark.call(billCat); // => "Bill barks!"

When bark() is invoked with the call() function, billCat takes the place of this within the bark function of Dog, so this.name is a reference to billCat.name instead of fredDog.name.

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