Angular Cats! An AngularJS Adventure Anthology

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been teaching myself about the AngularJS javascript framework. It’s gone pretty well so far, and I think I have a pretty decent handle on the basics. I’ve been able to use the tools provided to put together a small application that uses the API as a backend. It is a remake of an old Flex application I built in 2009 for the House of Mews pet shelter in Memphis, TN. The application allows the user to browse pictures and information on all the adoptable cats currently at the shelter. See the application in context at (and please excuse the background music). You can also view the app by itself here.

In addition to remaking the old app, I took the remodeling a few steps further in order to try out a few more AngularJS features. The newer version of application stands on its own and has a few added features – most notably, deep linking.

While working on this, I created a series of blog posts to chronicle my progress (and show off). There are five posts in total, with the first three focused on the ‘remake’ app, and the last two posts detailing parts of the ‘remodeled’ app. If you are interested in learning AngularJS for yourself, definitely pay attention to the latter posts. The first three posts are choc full of newbie mistakes and bad practices. They are a great example of how not to build an Angular application.

All of the code is available on GitHub. I’ve already tweaked the code a bit, so it may not match 1:1 with the code pasted into the blog posts, but everything is commented and should be relatively easy to follow. Anyway, thanks for paying attention! Enjoy!

Parts 1 – 3: House of Mews redux (source: ngCatsHOM)

Parts 4 & 5: Angular Cats! (source: ngCats)

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  1. Great post, really enjoyed it!
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