Install Yeoman and all its dependencies in Ubuntu Linux

Yeoman is awesome, but holy jeez are there a lot of requirements to get it fired up for the first time. Listed below are all the commands I typed in to get every last Yeoman dependency installed. I did this on 64-bit Ubuntu. For 32-bit, you’ll need to download a different version of PhantomJS, but otherwise I’m pretty sure everything else works the same.


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install curl



sudo apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev gettext libz-dev libssl-dev
wget --no-check-certificate
tar -xvf v1.7.12.2
cd git-git-04043f4/
make prefix=/usr/local all
sudo make prefix=/usr/local install
git --version
rm -rRf git-git-04043f4
rm v1.7.12.2



sudo apt-get install python-software-properties
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

RVM + Ruby 1.9.3

You might want to grab a coffee. This is a long one.

sudo apt-get install build-essential
curl -L | bash -s stable
echo '[[ -s "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm" ]] && source "$HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm"' >> ~/.bashrc
. ~/.bashrc
sudo apt-get install build-essential openssl libreadline6 libreadline6-dev curl git-core zlib1g zlib1g-dev libssl-dev libyaml-dev libsqlite3-dev sqlite3 libxml2-dev libxslt-dev autoconf libc6-dev ncurses-dev automake libtool bison subversion
rvm install 1.9.3
rvm use 1.9.3
rvm --default use 1.9.3-p194
ruby -v



gem update --system
gem install compass


Using apt-get will get you v. 1.4.0. The method below gets the latest version. For 32-bit, just remove ‘_64’ from each command.

cd ~/
tar -xvf
cd /usr/local/share
sudo tar xvf ~/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2
sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-x86_64/ /usr/local/share/phantomjs
sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs /usr/local/bin/phantomjs
phantomjs --version
rm ~/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-x86_64.tar.bz2


sudo apt-get install libjpeg-turbo-progs
sudo apt-get install optipng



sudo npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

And we’re done.


  1. Hi, thx for this tuto !

    Little error for phantomJs :
    – 2e line google have https instead of http
    – 3e line (tar -xvf) was unassesary

    Installing phantomJs in 32 bits :
    cd ~/
    cd /usr/local/share
    sudo tar xvf ~/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686/ /usr/local/share/phantomjs
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs /usr/local/bin/phantomjs
    phantomjs –version (ctrl-D to exit prompt)
    rm ~/phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2

  2. @Romain Glad you liked it, and thanks for the extra tips!

  3. Jebus, this drove me crazy on buntu 12.10. Here’s what I used (32-bit)

    cd ~
    sudo tar xvf phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2
    sudo mv phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686 /usr/local/share/phantomjs
    phantomjs –version
    rm -r phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2

  4. Damn, forgot a line on the previous comment, here’s an updated version:

    cd ~
    sudo tar xvf phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2
    sudo mv phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686 /usr/local/share/phantomjs
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/phantomjs/bin/phantomjs /usr/local/bin/phantomjs
    phantomjs –version
    rm -r phantomjs-1.7.0-linux-i686.tar.bz2

  5. Regarding that final step (curl -L | bash), the response from is now:

    This is no longer the preferred method to install yeoman.

    To install yeoman, please run the following:
    npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

  6. Thanks @aidan, updated!

  7. I finished this setup – yo commands work fine, but for yeoman I get “command not found”.
    In the yeoman faq it is said to add /usr/local/share/npm/bin to path, but I don’t have this directories on my drive. What should I do?

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