In November of 2014 I was lucky enough to speak at the inaugural Nodevember conference in Nashville, TN. The conferenced focused on Javascript and Node.js development, and I gave a 45 minute presentation on Socket.IO. It was the first time I’d given a talk outside of Memphis, and the largest audience I’ve ever spoken to. I was pretty nervous, but I had plenty of time to prepare, and the conference was very well run and provided a comfortable speaking environment.

The conference organizers did an amazing job of pulling in attendees and speakers from the local community and around the coutry alike. I had a great time meeting new people and sharing ideas with such a diverse crowd of Javascript enthusiasts. I definitely will be attending next year.

The slides from my talk are online (above) and a video of the talk is available on YouTube (below). The first few minutes of the talk were cut off and some of the audio is missing. It’s unfortunate, as the intro to the talk is, in my opinion, the section I’m most proud of, but alas. Many more established conferences with much higher budgets don’t even bother to record all the talks, let alone post them online for free. Enjoy!