I like the internet. I got plugged into the ‘information superhighway‘ at the ripe age of 15. This was back in 1996, when the internet was something computer nerds (or their parents) paid a lot of money for. I had a dial-up connection. I hung out in IRC channels. It was awesome.

At the time, I went to high school in Newton, IA. If you went to high school there, good for you! Go Cards! College was a bit more fun. At the turn of the century, Iowa State University provided me a nice education, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon provided just about everything else.

Do you know where Guyana is? If you said South America, you are correct! That’s where I lived for two whole years after college. As a Peace Corps volunteer, I taught some computer classes and ran an internet cafe (long a dream of mine, fulfilled at a young age). If you ever find yourself near the Cuffy statue in Georgetown, Guyana, and really need to check your email, just head down Stabroek Ave about a block and pop into the YWCA Internet Cafe – cheapest rates in town (maybe).

In America, I lived and worked in Chicago, Boston, and now Memphis, TN. This website is intended to show of those skills, and contribute to the ‘information superhighway’ (ha! remember when people actually said information superhighway with a straight face!?!).

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