It was necessary for my well being in recent weeks to learn as much as I can about the Swiz micro-architecture for Adobe Flex.  Lucky for me I had a simple Flex app sitting around just waiting to be converted from a giant mish-mash of mxml and ActionScript 3.0 to a nice, well organized micro-architected piece of software.  After much trial and error and gnashing of teeth, a successfully compiled application written with Swiz emerged, and is now posted for the enjoyment of whomever enjoys cats and coding.

A few caveats to remember when viewing the app and its source:

  1. The source is not exactly ‘code-complete’ – I’m sure there are bad practices in spades.  Kind criticism welcome.
  2. There is no real service call made by this app.  Rather than throwing my API key out for everyone to gawk at, I’m using a static XML file that was spit out by a previous API service call.
  3. This is currently using a beta version of Swiz 1.0.
  4. This was originally written with Flex Builder 3, but ultimately released with Flash Builder 4.
  5. I had help.  Thanks a million to Jordan Sanders for a few handy pointers and putting up with my questions.  Also, thanks to David Tucker, Ben Clinkenbeard, Brian Kotek, and Richard Lord for instruction and examples.


If people actually look at this post and are interested, I may be inclined to add more explaination, do follow up posts, develop the app further, etc… If you are interested in using the source code for whatever purpose, go right ahead.